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Attention to professionals within wastewater treatment. XomeOne presents Aquagreen’s new technology that is enabling circular economy; technology that turns sewage sludge into natural resources.

A new groundbreaking technology can dry sewage sludge using energy from the sludge itself. This is done by a patent pending integrated steam drying and pyrolysis technology.

The pyrolysis process eliminates microplastic, medicine residues and all other harmful organic compounds turning the dried sludge into biochar, a soil improver with plant available phosphorus, and thermal energy.

A plant treating sludge from 50.000 PE is great for your environment:

  • No micro-pollutants in soil and ground water
  • No malodor or health risks
  • 10 x less transport

Meet your climate targets saving Greenhouse Gas emissions, storing CO2e and producing energy:

  • Total saved emissions:                                     1800 tons CO2e reduction1
  • Carbon storage in biochar:                               500 tons CO2e storage
  • 2000 MWh renewable energy produced:    1500 tons CO2e reduction2

Safeguard your grandchildren’s food supply by recirculating Phosphorus to the soil.

  • 25 tons life critical Phosphorus re-circulated

The investment has an attractive pay-back time as the current sludge handling cost, will be converted to an income from selling renewable energy and carbon- and carbon removal credits.

AquaGreen in Denmark has developed the technology together with Denmark’s Technical University (DTU) and is right now implementing the plants at two Danish municipal wastewater treatment plants. The two 50.000 PE plants will be in operation in Q3 2021.

AquaGreen is looking for “Avløpsanlegg” in Norway who wants to initiate pre-projects from Q2 2021 and commercial projects for 50.000 to 150.000 PE integrated sludge drying and pyrolysis in second half of 2021.

In case you are interested – find more information on and please contact

Christian Wieth, Chief Commercial Officer, AquaGreen


Val Sibbern, XomeOne


  1. Based on LCA by Thomsen, T.P, DTU (2018) “Drying and pyrolysis of sludge ‐in a climate perspective”
  2. Oil-based power production CO2 emission acc. to

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