When something has to be done,

someone must do it !

Well, if no one named Someone is on your payroll,
XomeOne is at your service:

- Management- and branding consultancy

- Product- and equipment supply

- Digitalization and software


Our vision is to drive positive change by

- Contributing to the improvement and safety.
-  Supporting industry participants with sustainable growth initiatives,
legal counsel, coaching, communication and public relations.

-  Ensuring that our shareholders receive value through our efforts.

Our extensive experience as entrepreneurs and consultants includes R&D cooperation with global and local players. We are committed to exploring new solutions, an example is our partner Dominator.

We have worked with toxic waste in many ways. For example pyrolysis for waste water treatment plants and in a project for a cleaner Oslofjord. Our expertise can help ensure safe and effective treatment of waste water.

We firmly believe in the potential of solar energy. To that end, we proudly present our partner, El av Sol, which offers design and installation of sustainable and efficient solar solutions.

We actively contribute to both formal and informal networks and are happy to assist you. Our network includes Open Innovation Lab Norway, Vannklyngen, RIN Norge and others.

If you have a strong water business plan, we may help directly or connect you with seed environments such as our partner
Digital Insight.

Our partners at MHTech help customers gain a competitive edge through sustainable practices, reduced emissions, digital solutions, energy transition and sound financial decisions.

Seidr.ai by MHTech helps you solve complex problems when choosing green technology, giving you the power of simulation to predict the performance and emissions of a chosen vehicle or vessel on a given route.

SENSPIPE: Extending the usable life of pipeline networks through tech-based solutions. A decission-making tool for lower costs, reduced carbon emissions and fewer leaks.

Our cooperating partner, ECIT Law, can provide comprehensive legal advice on transaction work, company law, contract law and tax law.

XomeOne has to do it

For too long, people have been saying that someone should step up and tackle the challenges facing the water and energy sectors. At XomeOne, we're that someone. Our role in the value chain is to be a specialized actor that takes a leading role in promoting tech and competence.

The water business is lacking specialized actors who can take a leading role in promoting tech and competence.     XomeOne is here to fill that gap.

Water and sewage infrastructure has been neglected for too long. It's time for new sectors and skills to step up and seize the opportunities. XomeOne is here to guide both tech and finance towards finding each other and the market.

Environmental and sustainability goals     are far from optimal, but we believe there's enormous potential for progress in the political, industrial and financial spheres. At XomeOne, we're committed to promoting these issues and making a positive impact on the world.

There is currently no independent commercial accelerator that focuses on promoting sustainable solutions and technology development.

Our industry needs more and better methods for reducing water consumption, leaks and maintenance costs. XomeOne is ready to guide and participate in this effort.

The combination of knowledge and network     required for no-dig solutions, modern engineering and digitalization is not easy to find in one place, but XomeOne offers exactly that.  

XomeOne possesses the special skills and unifying attitude necessary to establish winning teams that can create new earning models and achieve success through hard work and determination.

Contribute to reality description where we offer benchmarking, promotion, motivation and corrections as follows:

We connect specialized expertise across various arenas to collaborate in conventional as well as innovative ways.

We facilitate independent problem-solving as and when required.

We are proactive and always aim to achieve positive value and results.

A robust economy is essential for sustainability.

Additionally, we are available upon request to participate in board or ownership roles.

XomeOne's focus on sustainable solutions and technology development

Prioritizing progress: XomeOne focuses on introducing NoDig- and water quality products, services and opportunities     that can reduce the backlog in the water industry. We also prioritize business development that can make investments and goals of the Green Shift more profitable for players, without necessarily obtaining licenses or agencies. This type of presentation brings us closer to reaching our own potential and allows opportunities to come our way.

Commercial sustainability: XomeOne is a player in the commercial industry that works toward sustainability by presenting selected products, business policies, and services that we believe would benefit someone. We believe that it is up to us to take on this responsibility.

Technology advancement: With an ever-increasing array of solutions, products, and services available, we understand that     not everything will become Best Practice. However, we believe that someone needs to emphasize the importance of certain innovations and bring technology forward. XOMEONE has to do exactly that.

News & Reviews: Our blog presents international reviews in Scandinavian languages and Scandinavian reviews with potential international audiences in English. We strive to provide insightful and informative content for our readers.

"Fearless technology optimists"

Supporters of XomeOne have worked together for decades or have known each other based on their professional skills, whether as colleagues, competitors, or in cooperating companies and organizations. Individually, we have had different assignments in clusters and associations, which are external networks that contribute to a holistic platform within sustainability when combined. We have become good friends and enjoy working together. Today, we belong to different strong networks and all of us have a proven track record of achieving results, both individually and collectively. Our goal is to provide our expertise to the markets where we operate, from sector knowledge and project management to successful business practices and practical entrepreneurship. 

We work in different companies, and some of us work together, while others work individually or in small groups. We are always willing to help where XomeOne`s skills are needed. New team members who can contribute with their skills and positive energy are always welcome.

Are you XomeOne?

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